Posted on: July 5, 2010 12:35 pm

Write like Kerouac...

...and I really dig that recliner, but it's damn near impossible to build motivation enough to get up out of it, to the extent that I'm in it all afternoon, even into the evening on some days, having first stocked up on plenty of Scotch with a pile of fresh Depends neatly stacked on the side, next to the draw string garbage bag, a strategy I learned the long, hard, dirty way...and, you know, checking out the channel guide, and picking the least obnoxious game of the moment, setting the Dolby receiver and the little infrared receiver that takes orders from the tiny remote I plug into my iPod with its 14 gigs of all my favorite music, because I know for sure that after eleven minutes (tops) of listening to the game commentators that sound like braying donkeys, but not as smart, or the infinite commercials yacking about trucks with "hemis", whatever the phluck hemis are, that I'll switch my ears over to Schubert's Death and the Maiden or some good old Savoy Brown (probably I can't get Next to You , if I know me, which I certainly do)... and I remember once, and this was in the early days before I had the system worked out to perfection, when I had to get up off the recliner and adjust the angle of the HiDef monitor, and wasn't that  a humiliating pi ss off, making me feel like an inferior fool, but, in reality it served it's purpose allowing me to go out to the kitchen for that ziplock with the nearly whole, left--over roasted chicken and a roll of paper towels, and certainly making for some real belly laughs later when I drunkenly hefted garbage bag full of messed Depends mixed with chicken bones and greasy paper towels, and threw it into the garbage can, under the amazing light of an old time full moon, outside...I was outside in the relative wilderness of my back yard, a freaky feeling, and don't think that I didn't thank god for the glaring halogens in my motion detector, security floodlights, or I'd have been out there in the dark, surrounded by all this natural shi t, like who really knows?...maybe moths, insects, tiny little mammals like voles, you know...
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